Shoulder pads

    Shoulder pads reveal all their purity and softness.
    They are supple yet firm.
    They create a fresco in shades of white, moulded by Gruppo Uniesse’s technical expertise.

    Pure and soft. Light and ethereal. Immaculate. Padded, covered, quilted. Cotton or wool. Never banal. The shoulder pad is the detail that gives a garment impeccability. It shapes and supports. It defines the silhouette. It gives jackets, suits and coats an air of refinement, an exclusive touch.

    An ode to purity of form, whiteness, Gruppo Uniesse shoulder pads are always in step with the latest trends. They are the product of thorough research. They have ever-new shapes and a soft yet firm consistency. They are made from natural or synthetic fabrics, and can be ironed and machine washed.

    They are filled with cotton or wool wadding and are soft yet firm. They are covered with light webbing in a variety of shades. For sophisticated, varied harmony.

    In addition to shoulder pads, the Group also makes bib fronts and sleeve head rolls to measure for quality, tailored men’s and women’s jackets, using premium materials designed to meet the requirements of the most discerning customers. 

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