‘Legend’: A Journey Between Myth and Modernity

    A Mosaic of Stories and Styles

    The ‘Legend’ collection combines elements of modern heraldry, Arabian architecture, and honeycomb influences. Buttons with warm details and perforated work evoke ancient legends, while castle atmospheres merge with modern comforts. A touch of Stonehenge atmosphere is revived in every detail.

    Design and Materials:
    A Tribute to Tradition and Innovation

    ‘Legend’ stands out for its use of noble materials and innovative techniques. Buttons in laser-engraved horn and bone, dark Cebu mother-of-pearl, and details reminiscent of cathedral rose windows, show how tradition intertwines with innovation.

    The essentials

    Laser-engraved horn buttons: a sort of modern heraldry
    Laser-engraved bone details: a blend of ancient and modern
    Horn cord stopper for a cold and adventurous atmosphere
    Laser-engraved horn buttons with a vaguely rusty color: a detail that evokes ancient legends
    Polyester imitation mother-of-pearl: a touch of magic in every piece

    Versatility and Character

    The ‘Legend’ collection is ideal for a variety of garments, from classic heavy coats and outerwear to modern urban blazers. From neo-romantic dresses to metropolitan hoodies. Each element adds a distinctive and unique touch, transforming every garment into a statement of style.

    Immerse yourself in a world where legend and reality meet.
    Discover all the proposals for AW 24-25 in our exclusive area.

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