Exploring ‘Forest’: Buttons Inspired by Nature

    Nature is fashion’s best source of inspiration.
    Our “Forest” mood for AW 24-25 pays homage to this deep bond,
    where the elegance of design meets nature’s power and beauty.

    A Philosophy of Life

    With our ‘Forest’ mood we have interpreted AW 24-25 as an expression of a philosophy of life. We recall Henry David Thoreau’s aphorism, ‘I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life.’ Here we too celebrate the authenticity and freedom that only the wilderness can provide.

    Materials and Design

    Each button is a microcosm encapsulating the essence of the forest, from the colours to the materials used. From corozo to horn, each material has been selected for its quality and colour characteristics. The design of the buttons is inspired by details that can be discovered on a walk through the forest: the veins in wood, the shape of the leaves, the colours of the autumn sunset, the pale greens and earthy tones.

    The essentials

    Two-hole buttons in caramel-coloured corozo: the essence of the Forest mood captured in a detail.
    Bone button with a chunky, woody appearance: evoking the power of the forest, perfect for any style adventure.
    Horn stopper: as sturdy as nature, as elegant as an autumn sunset.
    Polyester buttons with owl-eye holes: ideal for winter jackets when the temperature drops.
    Polyester buckle with dark veining: capturing the essence of the most poetic autumn.
    Buttons with flakes of recycled coconut: almost blending into nature and the earth, teaming sustainability and style in a single button.
    Pale green buttons with flakes of recycled trocas mother-of-pearl: a rough texture with a beautiful

    Versatility and Style

    Incredibly versatile, they can be used in a variety of garments, from woollen coats to light cardigans. From cocoon jackets to woollen trousers and skirts. Each button adds a touch of style and uniqueness, making each garment special.

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