An unforgettable fastener

    Trousers and skirts need bold, tough buttons
    for teaming performance and style!

    Explore all the proposals for trousers and skirts selected just for you.
    Accessories showcasing what we can do and helping you find the perfect button for your collections.

    A key piece in every men’s and women’s collection, trousers are reworked every season in ever more innovative shapes and styles. Gruppo Uniesse stays in step with the latest trends, offering a series of accessories designed for contemporary and classic styles alike.

    Looking for the codes? Browse the catalogue presented at Milano Unica

    From pink to cyan, through retro stone-washed effects to drizzles of paint over a galastil base. Choose from horn, corozo, bone and imitation mother-of-pearl, and complete your garments with a touch of style and colour!

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