Buckles, bobbins for toggles, customisable plaques, chains and bracelets make up a symphony of accessories.
    Both eye-catching and functional.
    Exclusive. In line with the trends.

    Buckles, bobbins for toggles, chains, bracelets, zip pullers and customisable plaques. Gruppo Uniesse is committed to creating beautiful and functional accessories with a natural appeal.

    Buckles have natural tones, changeable shapes, rectangular, oval or circular frames. Brushed or glossy, minimal or showy, with metallic and always eye-catching details.

    Toggles offer grace and measure; chains and bracelets deliver flawless circularity. 

    Gruppo Uniesse creates accessories to meet every designer’s requirements. It anticipates the market and the trends. It knows the secrets of the raw material and guarantees its exclusiveness and authenticity. 

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